Rimrock Auto Group - High pressure sales

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In 2002 I needed a new car.I went to a couple dealers.

I was in hard times. Little money & a car that kept blowing a water pump every week. When you get out of your car at Rimrock Auto, at least 6 salesmen are up in your face. They don't take, "Just looking" as an answer.

I found a car I wanted, but wouldn't agree to the price & was left sitting for 5 hours. They took my keys to my car. I could not leave until I agreed to thier price. I had worked the night before.

It was 6pm when I could leave in my new car. I was young, and the car had a bad battery, bald tires, sticking break light, etc & they wouldn't fix them for free or at least at cost.

I am not the only person who has had an issue.

Review about: Bad Service.

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